Riaz is a portrait and narrative photographer. His photographs are dramatic yet uncomplicated. His lighting is controlled, the compositions are precise and the styling is elegant. The result is genuine. 

His journey in photography formally began in 2009 when he moonlighted as a concert and event photographer in Detroit, MI. This led to a slew of work opportunities in NYC and in 2011 Riaz moved to Houston where he collaborated with boutique advertising agencies and local newspapers. In 2015 he formed his own LLC and went freelance. 


Currently Riaz lives in Houston, TX and travels the globe. 


Solo - "A Dialogue With Karachi" - Full Circle Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan - August 2016

Group - "Grit" - Royal Oak Theater,  Royal Oak, Michigan - September 2012





                                              portrait by Jenny Ren                                                                              

                                              portrait by Jenny Ren